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Aug 23

Streetwear & Denim Primer: The Players (Part 1)

  • jet - Owns one knit for every cigar. Fo shizzle mah nizzle. Knew about fo shizzle mah nizzle before you ever heard about it.
  • gettoasty - Resident over-thinker and occasional poster of the undecipherable.
  • Hendrix - Pastel cockbulges.
  • Synthese - Finely quaffed with the ability to wax poetic about anything from leathers to Lima beans.
  • aether - Resident nu-uh’er.
  • DLester - The world’s most dapper VCR repairman.
  • mr. moo - Has as much credibility as he does hair.
  • LA Guy - Issues $500 bounties on B&S offenders to fund belt collection.
  • mikey with some numbers - SW&D’s collective little brother who will hold the forum hostage while he picks out his winter coat.
  • the shah - His centered text posts are on par with a Rubik’s cube and about as interesting.
  • sipang - Owns more Schneider than Schneider.
  • brad-t - Former constant stirrer of shit. Now only occasional ruffler of feathers.
  • bows1 - In the corner dancing by himself.
  • APK - 1,300 wiseass comments; 0 fit pics.
  • Teger - Angrier than 12 Angry Men.
  • Nil - The Alpha Asian hybrid you will never see the face of.
  • reedobandito - WTB: Everything.
  • Fuuma - He can tell you what a nitwit you are in seven different languages.
  • Stanley Van Buren - Former SW&D whipping boy turned thumbs up hoarder.
  • RFX45 - He already owns this post in all of the available colorways.

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